Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro License Key Free 2023

If you are searching for a legitimate solution to enhance the performance of your Windows operating system, protect it from viruses, and eliminate unnecessary files to ensure smooth functioning, you have come to the right place. We would like to introduce you to an exceptional software application called Advanced SystemCare Pro.

One of the key advantages of Advanced SystemCare Pro 12 is its user-friendly interface, which surpasses that of other similar products. It efficiently organizes various tools and components into different categories. Navigating through the basic software functions is incredibly simple. The software features tabs such as “Clean & Optimize,” “Speed Up,” and “Safeguard” for convenient access to essential features. In addition, the software provides a Toolbox tab that contains a range of other useful tools, neatly organized into separate sections. As you explore the software, you will discover a variety of indispensable elements.

Overview of Advanced SystemCare:

Advanced SystemCare, developed by IObit, is a powerful software designed to optimize and enhance the performance of PCs. The latest version, Advanced SystemCare 15 Pro, builds upon the success of its predecessor, Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro, offering a range of new features and improvements.

Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro introduces an expanded capability to detect and remove various types of unnecessary files, surpassing the capabilities of previous versions. It also includes an enhanced boot-time load driver, which contributes to faster system startup. The Pro edition further incorporates scheduled cleaning, real-time device monitoring, and web enhancement features. Notably, it provides a new information protection shield to safeguard your data from unauthorized access and an anti-tracking capability to prevent advertisers from tracking your online activities.

With IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro, you can initiate a comprehensive optimization scan with just a single click. This scan identifies common issues such as junk files, broken shortcuts, spyware, and fragmented registry entries. This feature is particularly useful if you are short on time or prefer a simple solution. Additionally, the software offers the option to defragment the registry and perform quick fixes, including computer optimization and internet speed enhancement, for those who desire more control and customization.

One of the strengths of IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro lies in its user-friendly interface, emphasizing simplicity and transparency. By selecting a specific category, you can access detailed information about the items detected. However, it is worth noting that while tracking cookies and broken shortcuts can be managed or removed, certain files labeled as “Tracks to Privacy” and “Junk records” are not retained. This means that when it comes to browsers, you have the choice to either delete or retain your entire browsing history, including URLs and browsing sessions.

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Is Advanced SystemCare 16 Free?

Advanced SystemCare 16 is available in both free and paid versions. The free version provides basic optimization and maintenance tools, including a junk file cleaner, registry cleaner, and system optimizer. It also offers a basic antivirus engine for online threat protection.

However, the free version has limitations in terms of features and tools compared to the paid version. The paid version, known as Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO, offers additional advanced features. These include an enhanced antivirus engine, privacy protection, and a more comprehensive system optimizer. The PRO version also provides real-time protection and automatic updates to ensure the security and up-to-date performance of your PC.

While the free version of Advanced SystemCare 16 is suitable for basic optimization and maintenance tasks, upgrading to Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO will unlock the full range of features and tools. The PRO version offers advanced functionality to enhance your PC’s performance and protection.

The pricing for Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO varies depending on the number of devices. The basic plan for one device costs $16.77/year, while the plan for three devices is priced at $19.99/year.

To upgrade to the PRO version, you can purchase the software directly from the official website. However, if you are unable to obtain a license key, you can also utilize a free Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro Key, which can be found in the provided section.

Features Of Advanced SystemCare Pro

Advanced SystemCare Pro offers a range of useful features to optimize your PC’s performance. Let’s explore these features:

Clean & Optimize:

The Clean & Optimize feature provides various options for system cleaning and optimization. You can choose specific options or select all of them using the “All” button. It is recommended to scan your PC with all the selected options. You also have the flexibility to customize the settings for each option by clicking on the equipment icon next to it. This allows you to further tailor the tests and optimizations according to your preferences.

Speed Up:

The Speed Up feature in Advanced SystemCare Pro focuses on improving system startup. The Turbo Boost option disables unnecessary services and applications, freeing up RAM for other programs. However, please note that it requires access to IObit Driver Booster in order to function properly. Additionally, the application/toolbar cleaner operates in conjunction with the IObit uninstaller. For enhanced performance, the Deep Optimization functionality tweaks system settings to speed up the Windows desktop.


The Protect function of Advanced SystemCare Pro offers several options to safeguard your sensitive information. The Privacy Shield protects against data theft by blocking phishing websites and ransomware programs. Similarly, the Anti-Tracking browser feature removes your browsing fingerprint, preventing other websites from tracking your online activities. Furthermore, the real-time protector actively prevents spyware attacks.


The Toolbox feature contains additional tools to optimize your PC. It includes instruments for system optimization, security, repair, and system cleaning. While IObit mentions a few other products in this toolbox, please note that these additional instruments may need to be purchased separately. Also, if you’re interested, you can explore the Microsoft Office 365 Product Key as well.

Overall, Advanced SystemCare Pro offers a comprehensive set of features to clean, optimize, speed up, and protect your PC, providing you with a smoother and more secure computing experience.

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Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro Key (Updated 2023)

Use the below free license key to activate the Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO Full Version for 1 Year.

Use the Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO License Codes to get a subscription till April 10, 2024.



C5354-3FEDB-79 EEE-36F1N


Use the below license code to get a subscription till August 21, 2023.



156AB-C1B51-F6E03-7FD1N – Use this Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO Free License key to get a subscription till July 08, 2023


438C1-44690-43E9D-8D71N – Valid till June 14, 2023.


9E5F1-A9FCD-CA6F7-B441N – Valid till June 06, 2023.


A3EBB-03B4F-C0C86-8DF1N – Valid till May 02, 2023.


35EB4-71BEB-DC703-B271N – Valid till April 24, 2023.

Advanced SystemCare 16 Free License Key 2023










Advanced SystemCare 16 License Code







3 PCs License Key for Advanced SystemCare Pro 16

ZYTER-PC5VU-YNEGY-UX7E8 (365 days)

87YT9-UXT69-K8YNF-TGJFQ (365 days)

87TYP-98N9J-U1369-6RPG4 (365 days)

We continuously strive to update and provide new license codes for Advanced SystemCare 16 PRO on this page. We encourage you to bookmark this page so that you can easily access and obtain a functional license key at no cost.

How to activate Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro for free:

To activate Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro for free, you can follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Advanced SystemCare 16 on your computer.
  2. Launch the Advanced SystemCare 16 application.
  3. Locate and click on the “Activate Now” button located at the bottom-left corner of the main window.
  4. A dialog box will appear on the computer screen.
  5. Enter the license key that you obtained from this page into the provided field within the dialog box.
  6. Click on the “Activate” button.
  7. If the license key is valid, Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro will be successfully activated, granting you access to all of its premium features.

Advanced SystemCare Pro 16 License Keys

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 16 License Key For Lifetime




Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license key



Advanced SystemCare Pro Serial Key



Advanced SystemCare Pro Activation Key




Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 15 Key




Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 15 Serial Key




Advanced SystemCare 12.6.0 Pro Serial Key





Advanced SystemCare 12 Pro Serial Key New




Advanced SystemCare Pro 12.3/12.4 Key 








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In conclusion, the availability of a free Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro license key for the year 2023 provides users with the opportunity to access the full range of premium features and benefits offered by this powerful optimization software. By obtaining a valid license key, users can activate Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro without incurring any additional costs. This enables them to optimize their PCs, protect their systems from threats, and enhance overall performance without limitations. By taking advantage of the free license key, users can enjoy the benefits of Advanced SystemCare 16 Pro and maximize the potential of their computing experience.

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