Driver Booster 10 Pro License Key & Activation Codes 2023

Introducing Driver Booster Pro 10 Free License, a convenient solution for downloading, installing, and updating drivers with ease. With just one click, this software automatically handles the task for you, saving valuable time. Its optimized performance ensures that your PC drivers are downloaded and backed up to the latest compatible version. By keeping your drivers up-to-date, Driver Booster Pro guarantees a smooth and efficient user experience.

Experience enhanced gaming performance with the newly released Game Ready Driver included in Driver Booster Pro. This feature boosts performance, resolves bugs, and improves your overall gaming experience. Additionally, the software provides necessary game components to ensure seamless gameplay.

For Windows users, IObit Driver Booster Pro 10 offers a new and updated version. It can be downloaded as a standalone setup, compatible with various versions of Windows. Our team has manually tested and installed the program, ensuring a fully functional and error-free experience.

With IObit Driver Booster, outdated drivers on your Windows system are easily identified and updated via cloud technology. This cloud-based approach allows for fast delivery of updates, ensuring you have the latest drivers installed.

One of the major advantages of using this software is the significant time and effort it saves when updating outdated drivers on your PC. With a simple click, you can download and install all the necessary updates effortlessly.

IObit Driver Booster is available in both a free edition and a paid Pro version. The free edition caters to basic needs, providing updates for all your system drivers. However, if you require more advanced features such as driver backup, free technical support, and automatic updates, the Pro version is available for $22.95.

Overview of Driver Booster 10 Pro:

When it comes to improving performance, updated graphic drivers can make a significant difference, especially for new games. With Driver Booster Pro 10, you can easily obtain the latest graphic drivers, ensuring smoother streaming and media editing. Additionally, the software provides essential game components such as Game for Windows software 3.5, XML 6.0, Silverlight 5, and Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for seamless game launching.

Updating drivers can be time-consuming and disrupt your daily work. To address this, Driver Booster Pro 10 offers an automatic service that not only downloads updates but also installs them when your system is idle. By running the application in the background, you can enjoy better PC performance with up-to-date drivers.

A comprehensive driver database is essential for the optimal performance of your Windows system, software, and hardware. Driver Booster Pro 10 scans and updates over 4,500,000+ device drivers from reputable brands like Intel, Nvidia, and AMD. This helps to reduce system freezing and crashing, ensuring that everything functions smoothly.

If sluggish game performance is a source of frustration, Driver Booster 2023 for Windows is the solution. By keeping your graphics drivers and Game Ready drivers up to date, the software maximizes hardware performance and takes your gaming experience to the next level. It also shuts down unnecessary background processes and Windows Services, unlocking the full potential of your PC game. Furthermore, it provides game components for most PC games, ensuring successful game launches.

When it comes to driver updates, Driver Booster Pro 10 excels in both speed and safety. It deletes unnecessary files in the installation package and compresses it efficiently, saving you time and minimizing disruption to your routine. To ensure your computer’s safety, the software only provides drivers that have passed Microsoft WHQL tests and strict IObit Review tests. It also creates a restore point before installing a driver to safeguard against any installation issues.

Driver Booster Pro 10 doesn’t just update drivers; it also fixes hardware errors within your computer system. Whether it’s a sound problem, network failure, unplugged device data, or device error codes in Device Manager, the software quickly identifies and resolves these issues. This ensures that you can enjoy crackle-free sound while listening to music or watching videos, and your hardware functions optimally.

With Driver Booster Pro 10, you can expect maximum stability and fewer bugs, resulting in smoother gaming performance. The software keeps your game components and drivers updated, allowing you to take advantage of new game features. It effectively detects broken and outdated drivers and provides the exact up-to-date matches for your system and devices. The extensive driver database supports over 6.5 million devices and drivers from more than 1200 major brands. Moreover, all drivers are sourced directly from the original hardware manufacturers and have undergone thorough testing, including the Microsoft WHQL test and the IObit test, ensuring their authenticity and reliability.

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Features of Driver Booster 10 Pro:

Driver Booster 10 Pro offers a range of features to address common issues faced while launching games or software on your PC. It effectively detects missing and outdated drivers, ensuring a seamless gaming experience.

With Driver Booster 10, you no longer need to manually search for drivers on various websites. The software scans your PC for broken, missing, and outdated drivers, providing a comprehensive list of results. You can easily download and install them with a single click, saving you valuable time.

One of the standout features of Driver Booster 10 Pro is its ability to recommend the best drivers for your system. It analyzes your PC’s hardware configuration and suggests the most suitable updates. You don’t need to be an expert or know the specific driver you need; Driver Booster 10 Pro guides you through the process, making it user-friendly and hassle-free. By selecting the “Install All and Update All” option, the software automatically downloads and installs all the recommended updates, further streamlining the process.

Driver Booster 10 Pro utilizes cloud technology, enabling faster and more efficient downloads. This not only saves time but also allows you to create backups of your drivers. In the event of a device corruption or malfunction, you can easily reinstall the drivers from the backup.

Furthermore, Driver Booster 10 Pro optimizes your PC’s performance by enhancing your RAM, ROM, graphics cards, motherboard, GPU, and other hardware components. This optimization results in faster and smoother running applications and games, free from glitches or bugs.

Driver Booster 10 Pro License Key for 1 Year

  • 885C5-CFB5A-C678C-96D40

AMELG-EEGK8-NQYEG-MV8H3 (365 days)

8E3J6-46EEY-HSLSL-MNTXS (365 days)

HNWCS-ZY38K-4B3WS-6DCVV (360 days)

27KAA-56VKD-CA27F-8QCZ8 (360 days)

Driver Booster 10 Pro 2023 Activation Codes
















New Driver Booster 10 Pro Free License



















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Driver Booster 10 Pro introduces several new features and enhancements:

  1. Effortlessly scan and detect outdated, broken, or missing drivers on your system.
  2. Full compatibility with Windows 10 or 11 operating systems.
  3. Simplified process with single-click download and installation of drivers.
  4. Cloud-based downloading for faster and more efficient updates.
  5. Vast driver database supporting over 8,500,000 drivers from various manufacturers.
  6. Resolve common device errors to ensure optimal performance.
  7. Silent mode functionality that prevents notifications or pop-ups during driver updates.
  8. Enhanced Game Mode for smoother gaming performance.
  9. Create backups of your drivers, allowing you to reinstall them if needed.
  10. Enable automatic updates to eliminate the need for manual updates.
  11. Optimize essential hardware components such as RAM, ROM, Graphics cards, Motherboard, GPU, and more.

While the free version of Driver Booster 10 meets basic driver update needs, the Pro version offers an array of additional features. These features include driver backup, free technical support, and automatic updates, among others.

To access the Pro version, there is a cost involved. The price for a single PC license is $19.95, while the 3-device license is available for $22.95. The license is valid for one year, and you can make the purchase through the official Driver Booster 10 website.

However, if you are unable to afford the Pro version, there are alternative options available. We have provided working Driver Booster 10 Pro Free License Keys and activation codes that you can use at no cost.

How to activate Driver Booster 10 Pro?

To activate Driver Booster 10 Pro, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the setup file for Driver Booster 10.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file to initiate the installation process.
  3. Follow the instructions displayed on your screen to complete the installation on your PC.
  4. Once the installation is finished, open the software and navigate to the main window.
  5. Look for the “Enter Code” and click on it.
  6. A pop-up window will appear where you need to enter a valid and genuine license key.
  7. You can find a Driver Booster 10 Pro license key on this page or from a trusted source.
  8. After entering the license key, then click on the “Activate” button.
  9. Congratulations! You can now enjoy all the premium features of Driver Booster 10 Pro, including driver backup, free technical support, and automatic updates.

That’s all it takes to activate Driver Booster 10 Pro and unlock its full functionality. Make sure to enter a valid license key to ensure a successful activation and access to all the premium features.

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In conclusion, obtaining a valid Driver Booster 10 Pro License Key or Activation Code allows you to unlock the full potential of this powerful software. With the Pro version, you gain access to a range of advanced features, including automatic updates, driver backup, and free technical support. By utilizing these license keys and activation codes, you can enjoy the premium benefits of Driver Booster 10 Pro without any cost. Whether you choose to purchase the license or utilize the available free options, Driver Booster 10 Pro ensures that your drivers are up to date, improving system performance, stability, and compatibility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your PC and enjoy a seamless and enhanced computing experience with Driver Booster 10 Pro.

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