Choosing The Ideal Excel To PDF Converter

Excel spreadsheets are remarkably functional for all professionals in the corporate and tech industry. As they are provided with their complex formulas, organized arrangements, conditional formattings, and many more features, spreadsheets are indeed one of the most useful files globally. Most large enterprises use a similar program for data records.

On the other hand, PDFs also serve as a vital electronic file, even for gigantic companies. PDFs’ primary advantages are their compact size and convenience to print and share, making it stand out from the rest. It maintains content uniformity despite being sent to different devices. Excel files are usually converted to PDF for these sole purposes.

Safe To Use PDF Converter

Company data and other legal documents usually require proper confidentiality. Most data recorded in these files include financial records and many private company properties, especially for these Excel spreadsheets. We will later learn how to convert Excel to PDF online to keep your files safe and sound from unwanted competitors.

Using PDFBear is an excellent choice for these situations because of its state-of-the-art security system. As they adhere to high-security standards, PDFbear ensures your files are deleted from the system after an hour once done with the operation. Your uploaded and converted files have specific exclusivity as they do not store data in their systems.

How To Convert Excel To PDF with PDFBear

PDFBear is the ideal choice for converting your Excel spreadsheets to PDF. Aside from its steady security, it has a fast and efficient converter tool preventing any quality damages. PDFBear’s tools collaborate with Solid Documents, enhancing one’s confidence in managing PDF files, given their respectable reputation. Scan the procedure below to convert Excel:

  • On your preferred browser, open the homepage of PDFBear. Select the Excel to PDF option.
  • Locate your Excel file and drag it to the PDFBear converter box. Fast loading will commence as it uploads your file and another quick loading for the PDF conversion.
  • Your Excel file is now transformed to PDF! Decide whether you’re going to copy the file URL or download it straight to your online drive or device storage.

The PDF converter tool of PDFBear is not limited to Excel files only; you can also utilize the tool in converting Word, PowerPoint, JPG, and HTML to the portable document format. Another benefit is you can convert your PDF to several file designs such as PDF/A, PNG, etc. With this double-sided online converter tool, your PDF management becomes easier!

Organize Pages Through PDFBear

PDF Merge

For you to collate your PDF better, you can combine different PDFs into a single collection. This is another feature why you should choose PDFBear as your online tool for organizing your records further. You might think these services come pricey, but they are all given for free! You can combine several pages into one file with PDFBear’s merge function.

Follow similar steps with PDF conversion; upload your PDF to the PDFBear merge box. After uploading, you can add more pages to combine with the first uploaded PDF. Continue to add more pages to collate your data and apply their changes. You can copy the URL for faster online transactions or save it to your disk.

PDF Split

Since making compilations is conveniently doable with PDFBear, it can also detach pages. The steps are as easy as merging your PDFs; you can make clean alterations after uploading your PDF. You are free to choose which pages you would like to extract from your base PDF and save it to a separate folder.


PDFBear has very comfortable tools to use even for PDF beginners. PDFs’ complexity became simpler and lighter to manage because of these online PDF tools such as PDFBear.

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