Tip: How to get out of a losing streak in betting?

If you are in the middle of a bad betting streak you need to read this NOW

We are not fortune-tellers, but we can imagine that if you’ve gotten this far you’re in the middle of a bad soccer betting streak (or whatever) and you need to know NOW how to get out of it. Let’s calm down because going out you are going out and we can assure you that with the advice that we bring you, you will get out of this bad streak very quickly, faster than it would take Ronaldinho to leave a party without an open bar.

It happens to everyone

Yes my friend, first of all, don’t feel dumber than the bald comb maker for being in the middle of a losing streak. All of us who gamble regularly (yes, the writer of this article too) have gone through one, or several, bad betting streaks so the first thing you have to do is accept that it is part of the game. It is pure statistics and if you want to earn little money betting on football you have to assume that bad streaks are going to happen at some point.

Keep calm

Because if you go into panic mode we will already warn you that your nerves are only going to help you sink faster than Kiko Rivera’s musical career. Do yourself, and your pocketbook, a favor and relax . Up to 100, take a walk on the beach, take your anger out on twitter, or do whatever you do to calm yourself down. Because if you are nervous, your judgment will be clouded, you will not be able to make good decisions and, consequently, you will not stop losing and losing.

Forget about getting back what you have lost

We are sorry to be us in telling you but you are not going to recover what was lost, or at least you are going to recover it for us now. If you become blind in wanting to recover everything as quickly as you have lost it, we will already warn you that you are closer to losing it again than to winning it. For what you want the most, focus on getting out of the bad streak and make bets as safe as possible, you need to get out of the hole and for this you have to win several bets in a row that, even if they give you little money, will give you a lot of confidence. And we already assure you that right now you need confidence more than a bottle of water on a hangover Sunday in August.

Analyze all your bets

We imagine that you don’t want to experience a bad streak in your life again and the only way to try to prevent it from happening again is to learn from your mistakes . Therefore, once the bad streak has passed, analyze what you have done wrong. Did you rush? Didn’t you calculate your stake? Did you let yourself be carried away by your instincts? Did you bet on your team? Didn’t you check all the statistics? … The causes can be endless, the issue is knowing how to locate them to not to mess it up again and thus avoid the next bad streak as you avoid water bottles at a wedding.


Bad streaks are very normal if you bet regularly and you don’t have to make a drama. In the end it is pure statistics and you are likely to catch a slump of losses, you just keep calm and think that if you are in the middle of a bad streak, the closer you are to a good one.

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