Tune into the World of Entertainment with Mediacom Cable

Television is and will always remain an integral part of our everyday entertainment. From kids to elderly, everyone holds a dear place for TV in their hearts. But, has it occurred to you how bland would’ve TV been if there was no cable breathing life into it? Luckily, we live in an era where our TV sets are blessed with amazing cable TV services.

Cable TV providers such as Mediacom today offer top-of-the-line cable TV plans that ensure affordability as well as quality entertainment. For those who are not too big on TV to the ones who can’t survive even a second without it, Mediacom has an array of offers crafted to fulfill daily entertainment needs.

Besides its high-speed internet and phone plans, Mediacom boasts a cable service, truly meant for die-hard entertainment buffs out there. Every plan from Mediacom cable is anointed with an extensive channel lineup, and an abundance of other features that turn it from a mere plan into a package extraordinaire.

Mediacom Cable TV Plans

Local TV

The basic package from Mediacom is Local TV that comes with 50+ TV channels including free HD. This plan may seem like it’s not enough, but with channels like ABC, FOX, and more, you’ll be surprised how well this would fit your daily entertainment requirements and your budget.

Essential TV

Then comes, Mediacom ‘Essential TV lineup with 125+ TV channels. From music to movies, comedy, sports, news, and more, this particular plan from Mediacom is an all-rounder in terms of providing you with a diverse range of channels.

Variety TV

This plan brings you a plethora of more than 170 TV channels to choose from. From kids in your family to your grandparents, everyone will have something to beat boredom blues with Mediacom Variety TV.


Features That Add Value to Each Plan from Mediacom

On Demand Titles

We all love to set out on a journey to the land of nostalgia, don’t we? The TV shows, the movies – nothing beats a good old classic that reminds us of the carefree days. With Mediacom On Demand, you can enjoy your favorite classic or new TV shows and movies whenever you want. Simply use your remote control to access the On Demand library and pick whatever your mood tells you to watch.


Your favorite TV show is on, but your kids won’t let you watch it in peace? Not a problem anymore. Record your favorite TV shows using TiVo DVR and watch it on any smart device, whenever you want.

TiVo Search & Guide

Use a keyword to search for any content you want to watch. With TiVo Search & Guide you can watch your favorite content from the On Demand library, subscribed TV channels and streaming apps. Plus, if you can’t think of anything that you want to watch or aren’t in the mood to search for it, then trust TiVo Guide’s personalized recommendations and you won’t be disappointed.

Xtream Voice Remote

Use your voice to control what you want to watch using the Xtream Voice Remote. Just make sure to enable the microphone on your remote control and say aloud whatever you feel like watching on TV.

Summing it Up

The feature-rich cable TV service from Mediacom awaits to be subscribed. So, what are you waiting for? Search for Mediacom cable’s exciting offers in your area and enjoy your life like it’s meant to be.

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