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Writing for (Technology write for us) is not only a way to make you known on the web, but it is also a great way to help the ranking of your website. We have a potential user and also reaching to new users to seek help on technology, business, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, system applications, and mobile applications.

We provide an opportunity that Technology write for us helping the people who are promoting their new ideas to the world. If you are good writing skills and unique content, publish your article, reach the right audience here.

Types of the article to write

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Business
  • Mobiles
  • Digital Marketing

The list above is just an example of the items we accept. However, we don’t limit you to write for us on related topics. Before using our write for us tech blog opportunity, please read our guidelines carefully. Make sure the content meets all the rules and guidelines in order to be measured.

Rules does not tolerate spam. If you write an article is based on others book or web page, please you have to refer to it in the references section of your articles. And also applies credits to the images used in your articles.

If you want to promote your own product, don’t use promotional language in writing. Try to use impartial language to describe your product and you must include images, videos, screenshots or any other type of media that will use for your product.

Finally, you have to explain how your article is useful for users. Any Articles like business, digital marketing, artificial intelligence, system applications, and mobile are published for should not be published on any other website using the same words and media.


We value all of our contributors and reward them with a do-follow link to their sites in the article you write for us.

If you have a new idea or a message prepared for, please send us through the following e-mail.

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Technology Write for Us Guidelines:

DO’s Points:

The Article should have a minimum of words and must be unique.

Use Headings and Links Properly (max 2 links, 1 for home page and another for any page)

Image with Copyrights, size should be 1200 X 800 pixels as to fit properly.

Before sending the article make sure it should be related to the categories mentioned up here.

DON’Ts Points:

Make sure do not send the article/Content which has been published elsewhere. Please check the content using a duplicate content checking tool before sending the article to

Do not send the article/Content which is promoting your product or service, when you write the article to make sure it is truly informative and non-promotional as per the guidelines.

Don’t send any articles which are related to casino and poker, and sexual related.

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