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You have lots of entertainment streaming channels online. However, if you are looking for a single website, which facilitates the downloading of apps, games, software, and movies in a single place, 13377x will be best for you.

This torrential website records a large number of visitors on a daily basis. Most of them come here to download movie files in their preferred formats, but some tech-savvy users also visit the site to download and install apps, which are not available online on other websites. 

What is 13377x Website?

13377x is basically an online entertainment search engine to download and obtain a wide variety of entertainment content and files, including gaming software, apps, OS, antivirus, and movie files. 

The website maintains its downloading process on BitTorrent protocol and helps all users to easily download a large number of torrential files, musical app, and much more online. You can also download web series, TV shows, and other content from the site—absolutely free of cost. 

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Why 13377x Website is so Popular?

13377x is famous for being one of the top torrential websites offering multiple facilities to users. We’ll briefly discuss some of the top reasons for 13377x’s popularity below:

  • It allows you to download various files in multiple formats sans any fuss.
  • 13377x offers consistent downloading speed and connectivity.
  • You can easily work using another tab while the file still gets downloaded in the background.
  • It offers a simple search engine box to type your questions or queries.
  • If you download movies, it offers high-quality audio and videos.

Main Features Of 13377x Website

  • Download the latest films and movies with a single click.
  • Get access to all popular movies and films dubbed in Hindi.
  • You can download non-Hindi movies with English subtitles.
  • It offers you download exclusive content available to premium users on OTT platforms.
  • It allows free installations of hundreds of gaming software, antivirus tools, and operating systems as well.
  • The website offers various data recovery tools as well.

Is It Safe To Use 13377x?

Using any website without proper information is not right. Before logging on to the 13377x website, you must understand its legality and other terms and conditions. Honestly speaking, 13377x is not like other entertainment websites. It’s just a torrential website, which doesn’t have the authority to release apps, software, and movie files for free downloads. 

These websites are never safe for users. First of all, many countries often impose a ban on these sites. If you are unable to log on to the site, it’s blocked in your country or region. So, you can’t get access to the site legally. And even if you succeed using advanced technical devices or network gadgets, law enforcement agencies can track you anytime. 

Also, these sites constantly display irritating popups, which are often infected with viruses and malware. Even if you accidentally click any of such pop-ups, your device may get infected or damaged. 

Is 13377x Website legal or illegal?

13377x is a fully illegal website. It never takes permission from the original stakeholders before releasing various games, movie files, data recovery tools, antivirus, and other software. Neither the software tools nor the entertainment files are legally permissible for free downloads. 

It’s always better to download software and other online tools from their OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers. And for downloading movie content, please switch to 13377x legal alternatives. 

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How to Download Movies from 13377x Website?

Download Movies from 13377x Website

Step 1: Go to the website from your browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla or Tor

Step 2: Immediately on the home page, you will see a search button.

Step 3: Mention the name of a film that you wish to download and click the enter button

Step 4: A lot of relevant links will appear.

Step 5: Double click on the one which you find suitable.

Step 6: Soon the movie file will start getting downloaded.

Step 7: If the download process is not initiated within one minute, proceed towards alternative file links.

How To Download Software, and Apps Using 13377x?

Step 1: Find a workable website URL for 13377x

Step 2: Navigate through the website to see whether your software is listed or not.

Step 3: If you find the software listed with a blue/ red hyperlink, directly click on it and wait for a couple of minutes.

Step 4: If you don’t see your desired software listed on the site, move to its search query box.

Step 5: In the search box, type the software/ app that you wish to download.

Step 6: Soon, a lot of relevant software titles with relevant links appear online.

Step 7: Click on your desired link and wait for the downloading process to initiate.

Step 8: The software will automatically get downloaded to your device. 

How To Download Games from 13377x Website?

Step 1: Click on a workable URL of the 13377x site.

Step 2: Once you see the home page, checkout categories.

Step 3: Select ‘Games’ within the categories.

Step 4: A list of trendy games will appear before your screen.

Step 5: Depending upon your choice, you can now download any game of your choice.

Step 6: Before downloading and installing game files, make sure that you meet their minimum system requirement. 

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How to Unblock 13377x Website?

Method 1: Unblock 13377x Using Incognito Mode on PC

Step 1: On standby mode, connect your PC to the internet.

Step 2: Double click on the browser icon—Mozilla, Google Chrome, or MS Edge

Step 3: Once you see the browser home page, launch its incognito mode.

Step 4: Either go to incognito mode from the Settings option or just press ‘CTRL+Shift+N”

Step 5: Once you see the incognito mode on, now you can type 13377x web address on the URL bar. 

Step 6: If it gets launched, and you can see the site’s homepage, you can normally use it.

Method 2: Using Incognito Mode On Smartphone

Step 1: Launch opera mini or Google Chrome browser on your smartphone

Step 2: Go to ‘Incognito Mode’ 

Step 3: Turn on ‘Desktop view’ on your smartphone

Step 4: Type full website id: 13377x. (Domain Extension)

Step 5: Try a combination of various domain extensions along with the said website ID.

Step 6: If any URL works, you will see the site’s home page.

Step 7: It means the said URL is not blocked in your country on mobile platforms.

Method 3: Unblock 13377x With VPN 

Step 1: Connect a compatible VPN device to your PC and launch the browser.

Step 2: Immediately go to its settings, and change your IP ID and location.

Step 3: If the VPN configuration is correct, you will get instant access to the site’s homepage.

Step 4: If you notice any error message, restart the device and try again.

Method 4: Using Proxy Settings

Step 1: On a standby mode, launch your browser setting.

Step 2: Go to its advanced tab

Step 3: On the Proxy setting, just ‘disable’ it.

Step 4: Restart your device and see if you can now access 13377x.

Method 5: Unblock 13377x by Editing DNS Configuration

Step 1: Switch on your system, and single click on the ‘Network’ icon.

Step 2: Now, press the right click of your mouse on Network and launch its properties.

Step 3: On the tab, configure your network IP to IPv4

Step 4: Also, change your DNS digits too

Step 5: Mention DNS Codes as follows: on one box

Step 6: In the alternative DNS code box, enter

Step 7: Press Apply and then Ok to save changes

Step 8: Just come out of the network properties and close all programs.

Step 9: Now, restart your PC and you’ll be able to start using the website.

Method 6: Unblock 13377x with a TOR browser

Step 1: Go to TOR browser’s official website and download/ install it on your PC

Step 2: Before installing TOR, make sure you meet the minimum system+OS requirements.

Step 3: Once the browser file gets downloaded to your device, install and run its .exe file.

Step 4: When the TOR browser is downloaded to your device, you can start surfing 13377x without any worries. 

Step 5: On the TOR browser, also called THE ONION ROUTER, you may across several other illegal websites and pop-ups too. Never click on them.

Step 6: After necessary download and online surfing, come out of your TOR browser and restart your system.

Top 13377x Alternative sites

  • Moonline
  • CineBloom
  • Tubitv
  • Popcornflix
  • ISOHunt
  • BitSnoop
  • YIFY Movies
  • Thepiratebay
  • Zooqle
  • LimeTorrents
  • KickassTorrents
  • TorrentHoundsSumoTorrent
  • LookMovieRARBG
  • Lime Torrents
  • Sling
  • Vumoo

In Conclusion

13377x is a multi-purpose website with plenty of benefits to users. Hundreds and thousands of tech users and movie watch log on to the site to watch movies or download software or apps. However, the website sources all its content from unreliable and illegal sources. It also promotes piracy and copyright violations, which make the entire operation of the site illegal and unlawful. 

It is recommended that users shouldn’t visit the site and switch to its legal alternatives. There’s no need to visit an unlawful site, which might put you in legal trouble and other problems. 

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