Why Hire an Expert Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant?

Let us first find out more about Amazon virtual assistants. 

What is an Amazon FBA virtual assistant? 

VAs are professionals who provide Amazon virtual assistant services. Thanks to Amazon’s outstanding growth, turning a garage business initially into an empire, it has become a household name for e-commerce industry entrepreneurs. It currently serves the needs of millions of shoppers every month. Amazon is now the world’s biggest online retailer, also assisting sellers from around the world. 

The e-commerce industry has come a long way from its humbling beginnings in the early 1990s. As a result, sellers have a lot to handle, taking on many responsibilities to profitable their e-commerce presence. 

The business owners have to perform several different tasks.

  • Manage inventory and monitor views to resolve customers’ issues. 
  • Keep a continuous check on the daily sales.
  • Manage the stock to ensure the availability of products to the customers. 

The above tasks are just some examples of the tasks business owners perform. In addition, entrepreneurs nowadays hire Amazon virtual assistants to perform different tasks. For example, an Amazon seller central virtual assistant manages studies involving selling products to customers.

Pro-Tip: As a business owner, you need to determine what you require from Amazon’s virtual assistant services. 

Let us have a look at some of the basic information. 

In simple terms, Amazon’s virtual assistant works remotely to do simple tasks.

  • Assist in managing your Amazon store. 
  • Oversee and handle multiple tasks. 
  • Available for work from any part of the world. 

An Amazon seller central virtual assistant can perform different duties depending on their skills, knowledge, and work experience. For example, some business owners hire VAs to manage data entry, marketing, or product photo editing. However, you can also consider hiring them for critical functions like research or data analysis. 

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You can hire an Amazon virtual assistant for performing different tasks depending on your requirements. 

Tasks Amazon Virtual Assistants Perform

VAs work just like your regular full-time employees. They perform all the tasks like some familiar office personnel. But, primarily, entrepreneurs hire them for repetitive tasks that require multi-tasking and time management. Amazon virtual assistants manage those tasks so that business owners can focus on the big picture of their venture or spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Let us have a look at some of the top tasks that a VA performs. 

Fulfillment of Orders 

One of the Amazon virtual assistant skills is fulfilling orders. Order fulfillment is an integral part of managing your Amazon store. Fulfillment involves receiving, processing, and shipping orders to the customers. A virtual assistant for Amazon sellers performs all necessary steps to save you the opportunity cost of spending your time on such responsibilities. 

There are different ways in which you can use Amazon for order fulfillment. 

Dropshipping – To sell items online where the manufacturer takes care of the inventory, labeling, shipping, and product delivery. 

Third-Party Fulfillment – As an entrepreneur, you buy and stock the inventory and focus on sales. Then, a third-party logistics company takes care of the stock and shipping. 

Self-Fulfillment – To sell, store, ship, and handle product returns as well. 

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) – Amazon manages to pick, pack, ship, and manage customers’ order-related communications. 

You need to evaluate many factors when choosing any of the above order fulfillment options. For example, you must consider Amazon’s FBA fee, store costs, and warehouse rents when selecting the correct order fulfillment method. 

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These are the tasks that Amazon virtual assistants handle proficiently. For example, a virtual assistant for Amazon FBA manages inventory, order entry, oversees warehouse-related tasks, shipping, invoicing, and support for customer’s orders. 

Amazon Virtual Assistants Work on Improving Your Product Listing 

An SEO virtual assistant for Amazon FBA improves your product’s search visibility by performing specific tasks.

  • Better the AMZ search engine rankings
  • Drive more organic traffic to your AMZ store
  • Improve visitor count and convert more customers into sales

The main items they focus on for optimizing your product listing include Title, Description, Images, Features, and Reviews. 

Now that we know the tasks an Amazon virtual assistant performs, let us look at their other responsibilities. Image editing Amazon virtual assistants ensure that the primary product image is 1000 pixels or more in dimensions. These expert Amazon SEOs use the right keywords in the title and also add features to attract customers. 

VAs implement a specific set of rules to the best of their ability. They add bullet points to elaborate products features further. They also write concise, to the end, and relevant details while highlighting positive reviews to potentially increase purchases. 

Here are some professional tips to help you better optimize your product listing. 

  • Ensure seamless keyword integration. 
  • Take care of the quality and number of images. 
  • Write content with better emphasis on product title and description. 
  • Design an outstanding product page layout.
  • Vet each review, rating, and focus on the top ones.  

Amazon virtual assistants who have expertise in product listing optimization and AMZ SEO can significantly improve your sales. 

Competitor Analysis and Market Research 

An Amazon FBA virtual assistant knows how to find potential customers and serve them best. They create result-driven strategies to market your product, increase its reach and improve conversions. 

Some of the things that entrepreneurs can learn from competitor analysis and market research 

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your competitor. 
  • The quality of the product pages they have to attract and convert customers. 
  • Management of their reviews and responses as per their brand. 
  • To target keywords, ad campaigns, and marketing strategies.

The market research gives you competitor insight and their profits. You can use these insights to optimize your product listings and create more profitable marketing campaigns. 

Now that we know what an Amazon virtual assistant can do for your listing let’s move to the benefits. The first advantage of relying on Amazon virtual assistants for listing optimization is that they save you a lot of time. Second, they have expertise in writing perfect product descriptions, so you don’t have to figure out the whole copywriting and SEO optimization process. 

Amazon Virtual Assistants for Customer Support 

Customer support is integral to meeting AMZ guidelines and managing your e-store’s-store’s online reputation. Amazon focuses a lot on customer experience. Therefore, a successful Amazon store must shape its policies to make the life of customers easier. The same applies to every seller who is trying to sell their products on AMZ. 

When you hire an FBA virtual assistant, they ensure your store’s growth and profitability. You may not always be there to take care of unfavorable customer reviews. The VAs can answer questions and respond on your seller account’s behalf. 

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Here are some of the ways an AMZ VA can assist.

  • Create the correct email responses to send to customers. 
  • Proactively monitor the users’ messages for seller account as well as social media. 
  • To answer the questions of the users in real-time. 
  • Manage reputation and customer feedback on time.
  • To let you know of any negative feedback. 
  • Update the frequently asked questions section of your product page as per need. 
  • Overcome difficult customer situations and complaints. 

Professional Amazon virtual assistant services let you maintain a long-term relationship with your customers and improve your brand image. 

What is the process of hiring an Amazon FBA Virtual Assistant? 

If you still think of hiring Amazon virtual assistants too much of a task for you, given below is a breakdown of how you can hire them. 

Step to Hiring an Amazon Seller Virtual Assistant

The process of hiring an Amazon’s virtual assistant needs deliberation. You need to find a human resource for this job that possesses the skills, experience, and experience you need. 

Step 1: Setting Realistic Expectations 

The first step is to know your work requirements. Next, you must know the reasons for delegating a particular task to a VA. 

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Typical VAs tasks have the following characteristics. 

  • Things that are of low value to your overall store business
  • Tasks that take a lot of time to complete
  • Work that you do not enjoy doing
  • You or your team lack the necessary skill to complete such tasks 

When you critically evaluate what tasks you will delegate, you outsource the most critical jobs to the Amazon virtual assistants. 

Step 2: Set the KPIs

When you plan to hire an Amazon virtual assistant, you need to know the KPIs against which you will measure their performance. Therefore, make a criterion based on the following. 

  • The number of hours needed to complete work. 
  • They need to accomplish the goals for a given time frame, like each week, month, quarter, or year. 
  • The tasks you will assign them to complete. 
  • Compensation for the tasks they are going to fulfill. 
  • Means of engagement and communication they will use. Also, consider any constraints like time-zone differences that they would have to overcome. 
  • Reporting format and frequent VAs will need to follow. 

Step 3: Scope of Work for the Amazon Virtual Assistants

Keep in mind the Amazon virtual assistant skills to accordingly assign them tasks. A virtual assistant for Amazon sellers are given the work they have expertise in. 

When you hire an AMZ VA for data entry, you can ask them to upload images to a listing. A content writer VA for AMZ will write a keyword-optimized product listing or description. Always ask what a VA can do instead of assuming that they know everything. Otherwise, you will have a work breakdown and miscommunication. False expectations from an AMZ VA will only result in a waste of time and money. 

Therefore, set the least number of tasks that a virtual assistant for Amazon FBA has to complete. Make sure that you communicate the work expectations before they start their job to avoid confusion. 

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Step 4: Give Sample Task

The experience of Amazon virtual assistants varies a great deal. Therefore, before you hire someone, please give them a few tasks they will perform on a routine basis. Test if they can complete those tasks on time and as per requirements. This simple exercise before hiring an AMZ VA will give you an idea of their skillset and quality of work. 

Also, do not expect a VA to start producing dramatic results right away. It takes time for them to learn their job and get better at doing it. 

Now that we have a clear answer to the question “what does an Amazon virtual assistant do?” it is time to train them per your Amazon store’s unique needs. Give them some time to take ownership of the store. Help them better align their expertise with your business goals. If you give them proper time and training, your Amazon virtual assistants will eventually start delivering results. 

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