How long is the PMP certificate valid?

Once you have passed the PMP certificate exam, you need to keep your skills up to date with the Continuous Certification Program (CCR) to maintain your PMP Certified status. The cycle of Project Management accreditation usually is of three years during which it is mandatory for you to receive 60 Development Units or PDUs to revive your certificate at the end of the cycle. Once you have successfully completed one cycle, you begin another three-year cycle. In today’s world, it becomes an essential

If you do not receive a specified number of PDUs by the end of the third year of validation of the PMP, your evidence will be suspended for one year, after which it will no longer work.

Why does one even need a PMP certificate?

As known to all that today’s job market is highly competitive. In this case, re-marking your certificates actually works best when the merged job applications are considered. The page is not reported anonymously.

Obtaining a certification reflects the commitment of a professional, the specific levels of knowledge, and the acceptance of the required technical skills.

This situation is almost the same and is related to all activities. When we become clear about the Project Management Professional [PMP] certification, it is acknowledged that the PMP training provides comprehensive knowledge of how to manage projects in an orderly and orderly manner.

Also, Project Management Institute [PMI], the parent organization works continuously with academia and businesses and keeps the certification in line with changing needs.

To supplement the gains, according to PMI’s ‘Project Management Salary Survey 9th Edition’, PMP executives receive 20-22% higher salary than their certified peer group. It allows you to show better performance as you discover new technologies and tactics that can help you manage projects. The set standards for PMP testing are very high in comparison to other projects that will assist you with the efficient setup of the system.

How to Get Your Certificate / CCR Cycle

Your first CCR certification/cycle begins the day you pass the exams. Your first CCR certification/cycle ends on the third day of the exam pass. Therefore, you will need to renew your PMP credentials one day before the third recall of the test. Your next CCR cycle also begins in the third year of a successful exam.

Changes to PDU

The PMI CCR program’s entire focus is to aid personnel in the expansion and further development of a project manager, itself. With the emergence of a business environment, PMI decided that the program also needed to be transformed in order to provide for the development of new requirements that the employer demands, including leadership and business intelligence.

PMI calls on the right skill to set up the PMI Talent Triangle — a combination of technology, leadership, strategy, and business management expertise. Includes:

Technical Project Management

Knowledge, skills, and behaviors related to specific projects, Planning, and Portfolio domains. More than half (66%) of organizations say that technical project skills are extremely difficult to acquire. However, 96% indicate that these skills are highly readable. Examples of technical project management include advanced project management, strategies for developing your WBS, how and when documents are collected, and risk management of your portfolio.


Knowledge, skills, and behavior are specialized in leadership-focused skills that help an organization achieve its business goals. Three-quarters (75%) of organizations place leadership skills as the most important factor in navigating complex projects. 71% of organizations place leadership skills as critical to the long-term success of project managers. Examples of leadership include mediation, communication, motivation, problem-solving, and conflict resolution,

Business Management Strategies

Knowledge and expertise in an industry or organization which enhances performance and delivers better business results. Organizations that align their talent with the organization’s strategy produce a higher percentage of project success, as compared to 58% for those who do not. Examples of business management strategies include product information, industry information, business structures, counter-strategy, market strategy alignment, segmentation strategy, customer alignment, finance, marketing, and so on.

It exposes you to current project management standards, best practices, strategies, and styles. It stands as the ideal goal as you can bet PM posts on various technical fields such as Business Conduct, Trading, Research, and more.

How to Obtain Required PDUs

There are two types of PDUs you can get: Education and Recovery. For these two groups, there are subsections, as described below.

Educational PDUs

Combined with the PMI Talent Triangle, this category now requires 60% of PDUs, and 35 PDUs:

Technical Project Management: at least 8 PDUs must be received

Leadership: A minimum of 8 PDUs must be earned

Business Management and Business Management Strategies: at least 8 PDUs must be acquired

The remaining PDUs can be found under any of the three categories.

Providing Backward PDUs

The total number of PDUs available in this category is reduced; but the tasks under these categories remain the same: Commitment, Knowledge Creation, and Professionalism. The number of PDUs available to function as a Professional component has also been reduced.

A maximum of 25 PDUs must be acquired at this stage:

Working as a professional: a maximum of 8 PDUs can be accessed under this section

Commitment and Knowledge: PDUs left

With this change, PMPs will still be able to lay claim to PDUs for all supposedly earlier operations:

Taking courses from registered PMI education providers, universities, or your organization

Attending educational activities and events provided by chapters of PMI or other organizations

Read, attend a webinar or participate in personalized learning activities

Create new project management information


Working as the Project Manager

Recording Your PDU Functions

One is also responsible for keeping a track of their PDU activities as they take place. CCR System online is considered an efficient way to record the track of PDU activities. This program also allows you to search for functions that provide PDUs and view your text to verify that PDUs have been exported.

Even though the PMI prompts you to keep a track of PDUs using the digital system, you can still install, complete and send electronic copies or the PDU Reporting Form that is available online. This should be done at the end of each activity. You only need to submit the PDU Activity Reporting Form. You do not need to submit supporting documentation of the activities reported at this point but you should keep such documentation for inspection.


If you want to get PDUs to maintain the integrity of your PMP, consider PMP certification training online. Project Management Institute has registered PMP and PMI as trademarks.

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