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Movierulz is your one-stop source for enjoying new movies and films. When you click movierulzCom or any of its other live links, you will go to the site’s home page. Here, you will find a search button. Enter the film name of your choice and start enjoying the movies of your choice.

Movierulz gives you the option to watch tons of tons of movies in various other languages. However, Movierulz Telugu and Movierulz Hindi are most prominent because they allow direct downloads of the movies in both languages to the device once they are leaked online.

What Is Movierulz Website?

Movierulz website or app is actually an illegal site. The site leaks many Bollywood and other regional movies for downloads without having the legal rights to do so. It receives lots of website traffic from movie lovers. They visit the site to watch new leaked movies online.

You can even watch Bollywood films, latest Tamil films, new Telugu release or even the various webseries, including adult shows. The site even helps users enjoy the latest Hollywood movies in English and other Indian languages as well.

How Does Movierulz Function?

Movierulz Website uploads the pirated version of many films on its site. Once it offers the download link on the site, users and movie fans can instantly download the film from anywhere in the world. However, it’s important to mention here is that the entire process of providing movies online without prior permission from the film director and producer is an illegal activity per se.

So, users downloading the films must keep this in mind before they press the download button. Apart from the quality of the videos, some links may also harm the device and PC. User will have to type the site’s valid name on the URL bar to go inside.

Interestingly, users may not always get the desired site address. These sites often change their domain extensions from time to time. They do this to make it hard for the government’s cyber cell to curb their unlawful activities. Still, many of the illegal websites are often banned by the government.

What Is Movierulz 2021 Link?

Movie rulz leaks pirated films, web series, TV reality shows and serials from time to time in several languages. However, as mentioned above, the site never keeps a consistent website URL. It keeps on changing frequently. Anyone who wants to watch or download pirated movies will have a tough time to get the real usable Movierulz 2021 link for live downloads and online streaming.

According to law, no person is allowed to visit an illegal site. Watching, surfing, and downloading any pirated movies from online sources like Movierulz is illegal and banned. You can’t even use a VPN to use the site. It’s a legal offence.

Any person who watches pirated movies leaked online, and others who upload such movie files can be booked under various copyright laws, IT Acts, and other applicable rules. Such a person may have to pay heavy fines or even face arrest and imprisonment.

How to download Movies from Movierulz

After reading this article, you can get the idea of such illegal movie downloading sites. However, after knowing all the risks involved, if you want to download any pirated film, then you must know the movierulz download active site address.

Then you will have to search for the latest films that you want to watch. If the site has the direct download link, then you can click that link. Before clicking onto such a link, you must know that illegal sites also have various links that may contain malicious codes.

Also, before finding an appropriate download links, you may have to even go through a lot of online advertisements in the form of non-skippable snippets and display ads.

Such links may end up stealing sensitive data from your device, including your bank account details, identity card number, and contact details of your near and dear ones. This can be a real danger of watching pirated movies through online sites.

What Are the Movierulz Alternatives?

As already discussed, alternatives will be illegal too. Legally, you don’t have the right to watch, upload or download a film before the release of the same at theatres.

However, if you are a diehard movie fan, then you can watch the film’s official trailer, teaser, and other promotional activities online as they are telecast on the mainstream media. You can even watch the movie by booking it first-day first show at a theatre near you on any film booking website.


We are strictly against piracy and any copyright infringements. This article informs the readers about the legal complications that one may face while using such sites. We strongly ask all readers to avoid visiting such sites.

You can always watch your favourite movies on their release dates at cinema halls or after a few days, on satellite channels.

Of late, various OTT platforms have got permission to launch new web series and films online because of the widespread pandemic and coronavirus scare.

So, when theatres are closed and, cinema halls are shut—film producers can launch films on various OTT platforms as per their contract and written agreements with the relevant stakeholders.

Then, of course, satellite channels have the right to telecast the film on their channels after a few weeks.

The Conclusion

Movierulz is one of those sites that promote online piracy. All newly-released movies are available on its homepage near the menu icon. Type the desired movie name on its search bar and get the desired movie files. It even provides films and web series in various other languages too. Including Punjabi, Telugu, Odia, Tamil, Assamese, Bengali and several other Indian languages.

Some Hollywood films are also illegally leaked online on the site in English with subtitles. However, the entire foundation of such sites is not legally tenable. They have no legal right or even written permissions to leak such movies online.

As far as a film release is concerned, only theatre owners have the legal right to release a film as per his contract with the film Distribution Company and/ or producer.

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