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If you love watching Tamil masala movies, then MoviesDA can help you. However, it’s important to declare it outright that accessing the site is illegal in India. It leaks various copyrighted materials online without taking any prior written permissions from the original film producers and other stakeholders.

MoviesDA is an unofficial website from where movie lovers can download a lot of pirated Tamil Movies without any cost. The website releases the latest Telugu, Tamil, and other films online even before their official release dates. The site specifically releases movies with lower resolutions that one can watch on their smartphones.

Moviesda 2020 Movies

Not just 2020, moviesda has been illegally releasing pirated copies of various films for quite some time. Some of the blockbusters films like Petta 2.0, Asuran, and other movies got leaked by the site in the past.

Also, movies da always finds itself in the centre of controversy for releasing film content without having any authority to do so. Several well-known producers alleged and condemned the site for its alleged piracy business.

The use of the website is illegal in India, the US, and several other countries. The government of India and our respective state governments have already banned the site. But, the site still operates—though with different domain extensions.

MoviesDA Leaks Film Content

Movies da leaks films, songs, web series, and Television show episodes. Though its operation is fully banned across India, yet it keeps on illegally leaking movies and film content. The site keeps on modifying its name and domain extensions to not get caught.

Sometimes it’s .com and someday it’s .nz. and someday it has the extension like .ws. Being an illegal website, it frequently changes its domain extension.

Moviesda 2021 Live Link

Users will have a tough time finding Moviesda 2021 live link. As already explained above, the site has multiple domain extension names; So, until the last moment, users won’t have any idea that which link will work and which movies da links will not function.

It will kill a lot of time, money, and efforts. The best way to avoid such harassment is to stop using the site altogether. Instead, wait for a few days. Once the film releases officially at a theatre near you, then you should go there and legally enjoy the full movie. Say no to piracy now!

How Does the Site Get So Much Traffic?

Movie lovers visit the site to download songs and films. It seems user-friendly to them as several categories are offered are there. Out of these categories, they need to choose the one to proceed further.

Viewers are strongly advised never to watch pirated movies online or on DVDs and pen drives. Piracy gobbles up the revenue share of several hardworking people who work so hard for a film starting from its first day shoots to its official release. Film producers face maximum losses because of piracy.

How to download Movies from Moviesda

  • Find a workable link to the site.
  • Most of the links relating to MoviesDA are either fake or non-functional.
  • If the site opens, a search box will be there.
  • Type the name of the film.
  • Several files will appear on the screen.
  • Again several files will work and several won’t open.
  • You have to choose the downloadable file.
  • Once you press the download button, the pirated copy of the film will be downloaded to your device.
  • Many such downloadable links may contain virus and malware.
  • Once downloaded, it can damage your device.
  • Moreover, if you have stored bank details on your PC or smartphone, then such a link may generate auto fund transfer into a cyber fraud’s bank account without your consent.

Annual List of Tamil and Telugu Movies

Just like MoviesDA 2021, similarly, the site will have several films that released in a particular year. Without typing the film’s name on the search bar, users can also mention the year in that box.

Once you press the submit button, the site will display a list of movies which got released in a particular year. Now, after scrutiny of the film list, one can select a film to watch as per their choice.

If It Doesn’t Have a FILM in the List

In some cases, what a user wants to watch maybe not available online at that time. However, MoviesDA has a special section where users can directly make the request online asking the admin to provide a copy of the film on its site.

The admin may or not fulfil the user’s request. Moreover, he or she won’t even take any responsibility if your device becomes virus-infected after using the site. So, it’s always better to stay away from illegal and pirated websites.

What Are MoviesDA Alternatives

Some of Movies DA alternatives are Mp4movies, TodaysPK, TamilRockers, Kuttymovies, and MovieRulz.

The Government’s Rule Regarding Piracy

The government of India is very strict when it comes to piracy. Any person recording or copying a film without having the written permission from the film producers can be arrested anytime.

He or she may be imprisoned for up to 3 years and may have to pay a fine to the tune of Rs. 10/- Lakh for the offence.

Is It Illegal to Download a Pirated File of a Film Online?

Yes! It’s illegal to download a pirated file of a film online. The law enforcement agency may impose a fine of Rs. 50,000/- or a jail term up to six months for such crime.


We don’t promote piracy in any manner. We treat piracy as an act of obnoxious offence under the Indian Copyright Act of 1957. Through this article, we inform our readers about the harmful effects and the legal complications of using such sites.

The Conclusion

In short, you must avoid sites like MoviesDA, TamilRockers, and other similar sites that frequently promote piracy in India. Moreover, it’s not even legally allowed to visit such URL and download copies of pirated movies from these websites.

Ideally, if you are crazy about Tamil Movies, then you must book your advanced ticket for a film at a theatre first-day first show!

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