Online roulette: one of the online casino games that is revolutionizing the world

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the characteristics of this fun game; Roulette is very easy to play, it is a very versatile game that offers several variants and also has different types of bets. Ideal for both beginners and professional players.

Roulette is a game that dates back several centuries, so over the years it has been improved and refined to become one of the games preferred by online casino players and face-to-face operators.

Playing online roulette is very easy, you just need to give a brief review of its rules to start enjoying this entertaining game. One of the advantages that online casinos offer is that they have free or trial versions that players can use to familiarize themselves with the rules.


This game is made up of a wheel and a mat, usually green, for betting. The wheel, in turn, is made up of 37 or 38 squares, depending on the version that is played. The European and French roulettes have 36 squares alternated with black and red, where the numbers from 1 to 36 are located non-consecutively. In addition, it has another box, generally green, where the number 0 is located. Therefore, we have 18 red boxes alternated with 18 black boxes and one green box.

For its part, American roulette has 36 alternating red and black squares, where, as in the other versions, the numbers from 1 to 36 are located, non-consecutively. It also has a green box where the number 0 is located and additionally, another box of the same color where the 00 is located.

The importance of this variation in the design lies in the advantage that the house obtains, with each of the versions of the game. Single 0 roulette gives the house an advantage of only 2.7%, while roulette with 0 and 00 is more beneficial for the casino, with an advantage of 5.26%.


The betting mat is another fundamental piece of online roulette since it is there where players will choose their option for their bets. This is divided across the width into 3 dozen consecutive numbers and across into 3 columns, equal to 12 numbers each. It is based on the configuration of the mat, that players will be able to place their different bets on all available versions of roulette to play online. Where the numbers are located, the so-called inside bets will be made.

Outside the area of ​​the numbers, there are some boxes where the so-called outside bets are placed. These are called that, precisely because they are made outside the enclosure of the numbers and are 6 squares. A box that corresponds to low numbers (from 1 to 18), another for even numbers, one for red and one for black, followed by one for odd numbers and finally a box for high numbers (from 19 to 36).


Since more and more people are joining online casino players every day, it is best, before starting to bet on roulette and any other game, look for as much information as possible. And it is that if there are more users looking for information on the internet daily before making purchases online, it cannot be otherwise for beginner online casino players.

Thus, when they have gathered enough information, they can start placing their different types of bets at the best online roulette tables and get great prizes. In the meantime, it is best to try the free versions of the games or take advantage and play with the different casino bonuses available in the best online casinos.

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