Strategies for betting on tennis matches

Bettors has a wide variety of choice of sport kinds but there are some they mostly prefer. As tennis is very popular kind of sport, it is also popular among bettors, accounting for 25% of the betting volume in 2020. We will now analyze some strategies such as betting on sets in prematch, as well as on games in live.

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Types of tennis bets

Among the most widely used are the following:

  • The winning of one of the parties in a match, in a set, in a game.
  • Total games in the match, in the set.
  • Handicap by games or by sets.
  • The exact score for the sets, in the game.

Strategy by sets

Grand Slam tournaments are extremely popular in tennis. There are many men’s singles matches and it is recommended to choose among them for betting. The meeting is held until one of the athletes wins in three sets.

If the bet on the favorite to win goes for the odds of about 1.10-1.30, it is unprofitable. This situation allows you to take a handicap in sets (+2.5) for an outsider for an odd of 2.00.

The chances of the underdog winning in the entire meeting are small, but the favorite can lose one of the sets.

When choosing matches for such bets, look at the favorite and outsider statistics in meetings with similar odds.

If in a year the favorite has less than 50% of wins dry, and the outsider takes at least a set in more than half of the matches, such bets can make a profit.

Live betting

Choose matches where women compete on clay.

The odds for the victory of each athlete in the prematch must not exceed 2.30. In live, you can bet on winning a game on someone else’s serve for 2.00 and higher.

You bet on the first game and if you fail, make the same bet for every odd game. The amount of the bet will have to be doubled in order to recoup the previous losses when entering.

You need to distribute the bank so that you can withstand even a long series of failures

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