12 Different Projects to Develop in Django Website Development

Django is one of the very known python-based platforms, and may not require any introduction at least to those who are into the IT industry.

We’ll be discussing here the possible ideal projects to start with. All you will get here is to go through and know what your skill level is with Django development, as there will be 12 different and unique project ideas.

Being famous for its pragmatic design and layout providing ability, Django allows us to invent new enterprise solutions in different dimensions of the enterprise industry.

Let us begin with some of those projects that can be developed by an enterprise software development company as well as an individual Django developer-

1. CMS (Content management system)

Django is a framework that allows enough flexibility to produce something with adequate solutions available as it is known for its care for development hassle, and thus you may develop secure and maintained CMS like WordPress but with even better flexibility in comparison.

As far as the simplicity and ease of use with WordPress are concerned, it would be the main purpose to develop a CMS in Django that could give competition to WordPress and the users an option to choose apart from it also.

2 A Library Management System

A library management system asks for knowledge around servers and databases.

Once you are comfortable with both assuming that you already are adept in Django development, you may develop a library management system which is quite in-trend nowadays because online libraries are increasing exponentially.

However, this system could be taken into use at offline or physical libraries too for their store management and book ledgers.

3. A Web Crawler

For beginners, a web crawler could be one of the best project ideas because it involves most of the things that are necessary to learn at the initial stages of enterprise software development and digital marketing.

Overall, whatever it takes to build an online business solution and make it run successfully over the digital market, that includes ranking over SERPs, an adequate acquaintance with the regularly updating Google algorithms, etc.

Django can develop a web crawler that can collect the suitable as well as the most relevant data available on the internet.

4. A Chatting platform

Unlike social media platforms, Django can develop at least a basic chatting application with a text to type, media to add, and voice messages to send. It would not be much difficult to develop although it is a web development platform and not renowned as much for such application’s development.

5. An Email exchange platform

Email software is always a demand for small enterprises and is a desirable window to own for entrepreneurs. The reason being it allows a separate platform first of all and the entire database stays in our control unlike Gmail and other universal mail exchange platforms.

Django can easily create an email Automator to communicate as well as pitch a group or a set of potential customers for an enterprise business idea’s promotion.

6. A social media Automator

Unlike social media aggregators, an Automator only schedules the posts to be posted in the near future. However, a social media aggregator can perform other tasks like an aggregation of hashtags, comments with specific keywords, etc.
Also, the same aggregator can be developed with Django if you know how to deal with it better, as social media aggregators are the greatest inventions for gathering user-generated content.

User-generated content is conferred as the most valuable asset for the growth of any business in the terms of digital marketing only.

7. A briefcase to carry your credentials

Usually, when we go cloud with our business through migration or choose to step out of the traditional way of working i.e. offline or through hardware, we need to start keeping our credentials too in the same way.

As it is understood why a business chooses to migrate into the cloud, that is because the business might seek expansion or faster mode of communication and exchange of information at two distant points of exchanges.

An online briefcase to carry your credential can be developed with the help of Django easily. It would require a particular set of encryption algorithms for the same. But the idea would get you enough revenue as it is quite in-demand nowadays as people are migrating so rapidly towards cloud or becoming edi solution providers i.e. an encrypted solution to exchange crucial information safely. Or, You may either develop a website in a Django framework dedicated to saving passwords and other essential information. This website would be another one from the parent business website such that you don’t need to save the password on the same business website which stays at risk usually.

8. A blog

Usually, people prefer WordPress only for this purpose, however, it allows a basic set of customization in it. Yet becoming successful is because it just solves the purpose of the user.

A blog website is all about having stories and images on it. Moreover, some extravaganza through infographics, themes, videos or designer plugins, etc.

9. Dictionary Application

Using a set of APIs available in the online libraries, you may produce an interactive application for the online reading enthusiasts that could either integrate with their Kindle device or whichever application they prefer to read in.

10. A To-do scheduling or writing Notes software solution

Django’s capability of providing an interactive interface attracts developers to bring something new with it every time.

Even if a to-do scheduling application is a demand, Django might produce a pretty simple and comprehensive application without consuming a lot of time. In fact, it’ll be customizable, unlike others due to a python-based framework and not just a CMS.

11. An Ecommerce enterprise solution

Usually, eCommerce solutions require as attractive an interface as possible. Their user-interaction heavily depends on the user interface of the website or an application.

Secondly, it is easy to add a dealing methodology with the Django framework for the payment process. However, this would require adequate skill or expertise in Django development.

But the idea would be worth working on.

12. A video-conferencing application

This is one of the trending Django project concepts. Once you’ve done with it on its development successfully, it will get another level of recognition for the builder or developer, because the video chatting cum social media supporting apps are trending in such a manner that the developer gets enough acquaintance, whether the solution runs successfully or not in the market.

Further, if you’re searching for Django project concepts for experts, this list ought to get you going as the projects might be added with dynamic functionalities as well, that is an experts’ task.

Even though Django could be a terribly versatile framework, arising with its project concepts will be a touch tough, particularly for beginners. That’s why we’ve discussed different inventory of Django project concepts that adjust from beginner level to intermediate one.

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