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Right now, there’s a digital boom all around. Every new day, hundreds and thousands of websites launch themselves online. However, not all websites see the light of the day. Many websites run for a long period of time while many websites are shut down due to a continuous decline in their website traffic. 

But 4MovieRulz is a different type of website. It is a film piracy website through which all users can get to watch their favorite films online without investing any buck. But every time you go to the site, you make yourself liable to be held for illegal activity. We will explain this to all our viewers in the subsequent paragraphs. 

What is the 4movierulz Website?

Simple. It’s just another film traffic website, which is notorious for leaking a lot of copyrighted content without any legal sanction. Most importantly, 4movierulz has no contact with the original stakeholders who are involved in the film-making business. By releasing pirated and copied content online, they are doing a disservice to the film community as a whole. Users shouldn’t use such torrential sites that believe in stealing the work of others. 

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Top Features Of 4movierulz Website

  • Watch your favorite Hindi, Assamese, Tamil, Kannada, and Punjabi movies
  • You can get a list of both new and old films in multiple languages
  • It presents thumbnails for all movies listed on its site.
  • You can use its search button to check whether your desired film is there or not
  • You can obtain many features without even signing up on the site.
  • It provides all necessary content on its site for free
  • Many non-Hindi and non-English films are translated into your native language for easy viewability.

Pros and Cons of 4movierulz Website


  • Watch new films anytime you wish to.
  • Get OTT-based web series on the channel.
  • All films are available in chronological order for ease of navigation.
  • You don’t need to pay any fee for using its services.
  • You can get all its features and benefits as a guest or by using it anonymously.


  • There is no guarantee of picture quality.
  • Often film’s sound quality isn’t good.
  • Cyber Police can detect and arrest you anytime if the site is blocked in your country.
  • It’s not easy to find the correct domain address of the site
  • You may eventually infect your site with a virus by visiting torrential websites. 
  • You can never use the site with peace of mind.

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How Does 4movierulz Website Work?

It works just like other pirated websites. It steals data and film sequences straight from the theater or online resources illegally without any claim and makes such content available for users free of cost, but in a totally illegal manner. 

You have to personally use its various domain to see if the website works in your geographical region or not. Some of the popular domain extensions of the site with their URLs are given below: Movierulz.io, Movierulz.gs, Movierulz.cl, Movierulz.by, and many more. 

Why 4movierulz Website is so Popular?

There is a reason behind its continuous popularity. First of all, you get all filmy content on its platform. You just need to scroll through years and star casts, you will get access to your desired movies. Another primary reason for its popularity is how it showcases all non-Hindi films in any Indian languages dubbed in Hindi while you can also enjoy movies in European languages dubbed in English or with English subtitles.

Is It Safe To Use 4movierulz?

We want to inform our users that using any pirated torrential websites is not allowed if your country doesn’t allow it. Your browser will return a ‘DNS error’ or blank screen if it’s blocked in your country. Also in some cases, you will directly notice legal advice on top of your screen clearly discouraging you from visiting the site. 

So, whenever you watch 4Movierulz, you can get arrested or fined. Cyber police are always tracking such activity through their enhanced surveillance system. Thus, in short, yes… it’s fully and 100% unsafe to visit such a site. 

Is It Legal To Download Movies from 4movierulz?

It’s 100% illegal to download any content from 4movierulz. However, you can normally download any content from YouTube. We strictly ask our readers to not visit such a site. You always have a lot of legal alternatives to watch your favorite films without resorting to illegal activity. 

Step by Step Process to Download Movies from 4movierulz

Download Movies from 4movierulz

Step 1: Start exploring various domain extension names of 4MovieRulz

Step 2: If any of the URLs works, just go inside

Step 3: On the top right corner, there’s a search key

Step 4: Type your favorite movie name

Step 5: Press either download or watch now and don’t forget to accept all terms and conditions.

Step 6: Once the film starts getting downloaded to your device, you can choose the desired file format like Blue Ray, HD, 300-MB, and many more.

Step 7: When it shows 100% downloaded, you can start relishing the movie with your friends and cousins. 

How to Unblock 4movierulz Website?

Method 1: Using TOR (The Onion… Route)

Step 1: Go to any browser that you use frequently.

Step 2: In the search bar, mention the TOR browser

Step 3: If it doesn’t fetch correct results, try full name—The Onion Router

Step 4: Once you get the valid link, press download

Step 5: If your OS is compatible with it, then run and install it.

Step 6: Now go to its browser and type 4M-O-VIE RULZ

Step 7: You can try plenty of combinations with its extensions as they keep changing without any prior notice

Step 8: Once you see the homepage of 4MovieRulz, you can start exploring the site. 

Method 2: Using VPN

Step 1: Buy the most effective and reliable VPN from an online IT e-commerce store

Step 2: Integrate your PC to your VPN and connect them properly.

Step 3: Get inside the VPN setting and change your IP address. Or you can also conceal your IP location

Step 4: Once you get the network signal, you can start surfing the MovieRulz website

Step 5: If any of the links work, congratulations! You can now enjoy the MovieRulz channel for unlimited hours without any worries. 

Step 6: If there is any network error, restart your device and VPN again. It will work fabulously now. 

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Top 4movierulz Alternative sites

Tamilrockers, Filmywap, Khatrimaza, Filmy4wap, Movie House, Bolly2Tolly, and many more.

1. 13377x

13377x movies

13377x is your favorite filmy junction. Here you can get multiple films in various Indian and foreign languages with good picture quality. However, being a torrential website, it may not always work in all countries. Switch to YouTube or other free online legal streaming channels for help.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Watch Indian movies in original native languages
  • Many popular movies are dubbed in Hindi
  • You can enjoy the latest OTT-based exclusive web series also
  • Plenty of audio-video songs also available on its platform

Price: Zero

Website URL: https://www.1377x.is/ 

2. TamilMV


If you love South Indian action-packed movies, TamilMV is just for you. Enjoy Tamil Blockbuster and also several movies dubbed in Tamil for the beauty of the language. Though the site is home to Tamil movie lovers, even Telugu users would also love the site.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Lots of popular Tamil movies are available online free of cost
  • Enjoy soothing Tamil music
  • Get thumbnails with each movie title
  • Few blockbuster Bollywood films are also available in Tamil-dubbed version

Price: Free of Cost

Website URL: https://www.1tamilmv.club/

3. MoviesBaba

As the site’s name indicates, it’s your favorite spot for all types of movies. Get plenty of movie suggestions on its home page itself. It comes with an intuitive user panel for a hassle-free web page viewing experience. 

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • Enjoy the latest music videos and Bollywood albums
  • All superhit films from 2001 onwards are available here.
  • You can also inform the admin about any feedback or your experience on the site
  • Attractive film posters are also there on the site.

Website URL: https://moviesbaba.life/ 

Price: Not Available

4. Jio Rockers

Jio Rockers

First thing first Jio Rockers has no connection with JIO Mobile Network. Jio Rockers is a torrential online filmy content streaming channel. Users may not get good-quality pictures on its platforms. However, it provides some Bollywood films in super HD quality and resolution.

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • It has a rich database of all old and new movies
  • You can spend quality time on the site listening to peppy tracks
  • Popular films are highlighted for easy download on the site’s homepage.
  • Many irrelevant pop-ups and third-party apps are there. Don’t click on such ads or it could lead to sudden software damage to your gadget!

Website URL: https://jiorockerss.uk/ 

Price: Free

5. TodaypkMovies

The simplicity of TodayPKMovies makes it one of the most visited torrential websites in recent days. It enjoys a tremendous amount of support from its fans and visitors. You can get a long list of new movies available for free download from the site. 

Features and Benefits at a Glance

  • It doesn’t have too many irritating sections.
  • You can get most features without using any email id or credentials.
  • It offers all its content free-of-charge
  • Many of its audio files offer high-quality with a surround sound effect
  • You can watch several films through its direct watch here option.

Price: No Cost

Website URL: https://ww6.1todaypk.live/

In Conclusion

In the current scenario, you can find plenty of illegal websites where you can watch entertaining content. But most importantly, you have to ask yourself that what’s the need of even visiting such a site? You can even opt for plenty of legal options too. In no way, your desire to watch your favorite actor in action should transcend the real-life situation.

All these notorious pirated websites are doing no service to you. But they are in fact, doing a great disservice to the filmmakers, cast, and crew. These online pirated film sites provide copied content on their site and make money illegally. It’s very wrong. You always go to YouTube, NetFlix, Hotstar and other legal streaming channels to get entertained. Let us know what’s your personal viewpoint on this? Isn’t the time to say completely stop film piracy and do our bit?

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