TaskPays Review| Is Taskpays Real or Fake?

It is an app that claims people can earn through it on completion of different gaming tasks. The website asks to take up those tasks and complete them on time. It does not require any special skill or hands-on training. 

In other words, all can play such task-related games. The website claims people can get money for the successful completion of such tasks. Online earning, it further claims, is possible by anyone who may be located anywhere in the world. You have to watch videos and complete the tasks given in such videos. If tasks are completed, you are supposed to get money. 

What Is TaskPays?

TaskPays.com, an online website, gives you tasks online or through videos. Anyone can play it from anywhere in the world. Use of this website, as it claims, enables you to earn cash. TaskPays publicizes itself as Microtask Marketplace. TaskPays say ‘it is an ad & earn platform linking brands to a global network of users’. 

The publicity campaign of this website claims it is allowing its members to earn money by completing different and multiple online microtasks. This is basically a site to promote brands and advertise for them. To increase traffic to YouTube videos of such advertisers, they have contrived some tasks and promised to pay for the successful completion of such tasks. 

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Who Can Register On Taskpays?

Anyone living in any part of the world can register in TaskPays. But this registration is done after you have answered a set of questions. This process of registration follows this pattern: 

Give your mobile number. It will be verified by TaskPays. It may be mentioned here that though TaskPays made it mandatory to reveal the mobile or phone number of those aiming to get registered, it does not reveal its own contact telephone or mobile number. This makes the tag of doubt attached to TaskPays. 

How Can I Earn From Taskpays?

Though some people claimed to have earned from this site, it still remains doubtful how you can really make money from it. The membership fee or subscription pattern also varies from low to high. It offers you to view a large number of advertisements or brand promotional films/videos. You are supposed to get paid to view them and fulfil some tasks about such brands. 

But the reviews of Taskpays appearing on social media sites say all viewers did not get paid even after successfully completing the tasks. Here, the tag of receiving actual payment remains clouded.   

How To Create a Taskpays Account?

You can register yourself or create an account with the TaskPays in the following way:

  1. Register yourself by paying the subscription amount and giving all your details. 
  2. Watch different videos or advertisement films available on YouTube. You will be told which advertisement videos to watch. 
  3. You are required to fulfill some tasks regarding those advertisement videos. 
  4. Get money for successfully completing those tasks. 

You can create your account in the following way:

  • Visit TaskPays.com’s official site
  • After this, click on Register Icon on the center page.
  • Give details regarding your name, email, and phone number.
  • After this, your subscription or membership will be confirmed through an email sent to you by TaksPays.com. 

It should be mentioned here that the registration process of almost all gaming or tasking sites happens to be very easy and simple to draw more subscribers or members. 

But the registration process of actual and original sites running games and tasks involves a large number of steps. They give all details about their companies, unlike TaskPays, which is completely silent about their company. 

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Is Taskpays Real or Fake?

It is yet to be fully established if Taskpays actually pays or not? However, it may not be denied that TaskPays paid cash to some of you. 

It is possible that TaskPays paid to a handful of those registered with it to create a reputation or to avoid being considered a fake or scam site. However, there were lots of complaints against it on the payment front appearing on different social media sites. The reviews don’t say good words about this advertisement site. It is in this backdrop that you should note lots of complaints on the payment front were lodged against TaskPays. As this site goes not give any vital information about it and also follows the rule of zero transparency, it has created a host of doubts about its genuineness.

The Doubt of Genuineness Arises for the Following Reasons: 

  1. No company detail has been given. 
  2. No ownership pattern was explained. 
  3. There is no contact telephone number on the TaskPays given on the website.    
  4. A copy of licensing or government certification is uploaded to its website. 

In short, the site appears to be doubtful and you should beware of it. The registration process is very simple as is common with doubtful sites. 

Mind you, you cannot directly contact the admin of TaskPays.com after having registered yourself. Thus, you are completely helpless if you want any clarification or other relevant information regarding TaskPays. You cannot also lodge any complaint online. This is simply one-way traffic: you give all your information but get none of the TaskPays.  

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TaskPays is considered a doubtful website. An average reviewer of this site has posted on their social media handles that it is a scam site. TaskPays takes information and personal data from you yet it does not give any information on it. This raises a set of doubts about its truthfulness or genuineness. Hence, you are advised not to join this site to earn some extra money. 

Of late, a large number of vicious tasking, play or gaming sites have emerged. Most of them are fakes. There is no guarantee that you will get rewarded through cash for indulging in such sites. You should, therefore, be quite cautious about TaskPays or any such sites.

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